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  • File Name:
  • UNL.ocx (Free scan)
  • File md5:
  • d75bb9e58a557b12faa1c74ba32618d4
  • File FileDescription:
  • Matrix UNL ActiveX Control Module
  • LegalCopyright:
  • -
  • ProductName:
  • UNL ActiveX Control Module
  • ProductVersion:
  • 6, 1, 5, 0
  • Company:
  • Matrix Ltd.
  • Memos:
  • -
  • OS Infected:
  • Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/7
  • Security Level:
  • High
  • Recommended Action:
  • Free scan to tune up PC
  • 89100887

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File Description of UNL.ocx :

What Cause UNL.ocx Error?

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UNL.ocx error occurs usually when exe file is broken, damaged, corrupted, invalid or even obsolete. Sometimes infection of virus inside the system generates error messages. Corrupted Registry file is one of primary cause of exe file errors because it stores all the relevant information and settings of applications that are required by system to run properly. You should keep your registry files clean and scan system with updated antivirus to avoid entrance of viruses. System Restore process can also be used to stop the occurrence of the UNL.ocx error.

What is exe file?

An executable file is a file that is used to perform various functions or operations on a computer. Unlike a data file, an executable file cannot be read because it has been compiled. On an IBM compatible computer, common executable files are .BAT, .COM, .EXE, and .BIN. Depending on the operating system and its setup, there can also be several other executable files.

How to Effectively Fix UNL.ocx Error?

The first two error messages above indicate that a software conflict or rarely a Virus Infection, therefore, to fix UNL.ocx problem, you need to scan your computer with anti-virus programs or spyware scanner to resolve this problem as soon as possible. Steps:

1. Restart the computer, but press F8 repeatedly to bring up a menu asking how you'd like to boot the computer. Select "Safe Mode." Click here to Fix UNL.ocx problem.

2. Perform a full system scan with your anti-virus programs or spyware scanner. Being in safe mode will allow the scan to detect and remove more infected objects.

3. Click "Remove" once the scan is complete.

The last error message above means your PC tried to read or write a certain memory address but it failed. In fact, the major reason that error usually happens are registry issues. This UNL.ocx error coming from the registry is caused by its being jumbled up with useless or missing entries. In this case, you need to remove all the ghost entries in the system registry.

You can fix UNL.ocx errors on your computer by using the tutorial and tools on our website. You can Click Here to fix the UNL.ocx errors on your system.

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